Browning and the Pre-Raphaelites

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See also  my article  “Browning and the Pre-Raphaelites”, Victorian Literature and Culture, 23 (1995), 117–45.

D.G. Rossetti, Robert Browning

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Robert Browning
Watercolour, 1855 (Fitzwilliam Museum).

John Brett, Florence from Bellosguardo

John Brett, Florence from Bellosguardo
Oil on canvas, 1863 (Tate Britain).  Browning’s  “Old Pictures in Florence”  “always floated uppermost in my memory when I was painting the picture and directly determined its character”.

Arthur Hughes, The Guarded Bower

Oil on canvas, 1866 (Bristol Museums and Art Gallery). The inscription on the frame (from Robert Browning’s “Count Gismond”) reads “Over my head his arm he flung/ Against the world”.

Elizabeth Siddall, Pippa Passes

Elizabeth Siddal, Pippa Passes

Pen and brown ink, 1854 (Ashmolean Museum)

Joanna Boyce Wells, Thou Bird of God
J.B. Yeats, Pippa Passes

John Butler Yeats, Pippa Passes

Watercolour and mixed media, 1869-72 (National Gallery of Ireland)

Arthur Hughes, Aurora Leigh's Dismissal of Romney

Arthur Hughes, Aurora Leigh’s Dismissal of Romney (The Tryst)

Oil on panel, 1860 (Tate Britain). From Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh.

Joanna Boyce Wells, Thou Bird of God

Oil on cardboard, 1861 (private collection). From Robert Browning’s “The Guardian-Angel: A Picture at Fano”). 

William De Morgan, James Lee's Wife

William De Morgan, James Lee’s Wife

Line drawing from a notebook

Arthur Hughes, The Guarded Bower
Byam Shaw, Hist, said Kate the Queen

John Byam Shaw, Hist, said Kate the Queen

Pen and ink, 1897 (Peter Nahum at the Leicester Galleries). From Robert Browning’s Pippa Passes.

D.G. Rossetti, Torello's First Sight of Fortune

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Torello’s First Sight of Fortune

Ink on paper, 1849 (Tate Britain). From Book 4 of Robert Browning’s Sordello.

D.G. Rossetti, The Laboratory

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, . . . this devil’s smithy/Which is the poison to poison her, prithee? (The Laboratory)

Watercolour, 1849 (Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery)

Edward Burne-Jones, Love Among the Ruins

Edward Burne-Jones, Love Among the Ruins

Oil on canvas, 1894 (The National Trust)

Burne-Jones, Childe Roland

Edward Burne-Jones, 

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

Pen and ink with wash, 1861 (The Higgins, Bedford)

J.B.Yeats, In a Gondola

John Butler Yeats, In a Gondola

Gouache, 1870s (Private collection).  Inscribed: “Care not for the cowards! Care/ Only to put aside thy beauteous hair/

My blood will hurt!”).

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale,

If One Could Have that Little Head

Watercolour, body colour and gold ground on paper, 1900-09 (Russell-Coates Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth).

 From Robert Browning’s “A Face”.